PHL to PEK (Beijing) from $362 Round Trip

Cheap flights from PHL to PEK Beijing China
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Editors Note: China is currently over their COVID-19 outbreak and daily life is going about as normal. Their borders are currently closed to foreigners due to concern about reinfections, however, we expect the borders to be open for all available dates of this deal.

Capital of China and a city whose history dates back over 3,000 years, Beijing has vast ancient complexes next to modern skyscrapers. This city is home to the famous Tienanmen Square, museums, a great nightlife and is the closest major city to the Great Wall of China.

Deal Details:

PHL to PEK (Beijing)

Layovers: 1 – LAX (Los Angeles) or DFW (Dallas) depending on flight chosen

Deal Price: $362

Availability: Open Availability October 2020 – March 2021


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Cheap flights from PHL to PEK Beijing China

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